Stormy loves to cuddle and be close to you, she loves playing with her little sister and play fighting
Chloe is an sweet grey and white kitty who loves to play and run, she likes to nap and cuddle as well once she gets used to you
Berkley is a docile animal who will night fight back if attacked but another cat. He would also be lovable for a two-person household with 1 one other cat who is NOT aggressive in any way! He is also an INDOOR cat and has NEVER been outside; thus I do not want anyone to adopt him who will let him out. Berkley has never been de-clawed and I hope that someone would NEVER declaw him if possible. I...
She's very playful can't have her I have two already needs to rehome. Litter trained, eats hard food does love canned cat food as well. Will play with your show laces.
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